Monday, 8 July 2013

Uni of Manchester talks for the Autumn

CIDRAL, The University of Manchester (room tbc)
October – December 2013
Semester 1: Border Crossings

1. Friday 11 October
Professor Rey Chow (Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature at Duke)
Public Lecture: ‘On the Transcultural and Intermediality’
With Chinese Film Forum UK and Cornerhouse
Masterclass before public lecture

2. Tuesday 22 October
Professor Ella Shohat (Professor of Art and Public Policy, Middle Eastern Studies, NYU)
Public Lecture: ‘The Sephardic-Moorish Atlantic’
Masterclass: Wednesday 23rd October

3. Tuesday 5 November
Professor Li Wei (Linguistics, Birkbeck)
Public Lecture on migration, diaspora and trans-languaging practices
(title and masterclass tbc)

4. Tuesday 3 December
Professor Max Silverman (French, Leeds University)
Public lecture: ‘Intercultural Memory’
Masterclass: Wednesday 4 December

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