Friday, 10 August 2012

Three free talks at the Anthony Burgess Foundation

... including controversial feminist author Catherine Hakim

Discussion: The Art Of Success
August 30, 12 noon
Free, no need to book

We often have romanticised preconceptions of artists as impoverished yet passionate creators, but how does this work under the monetary and social influence of collectors, commercial galleries and institutions? This event, the first of the AND Festival salons for in 2012, will question the hierarchies of success within the cultural world, uncovering the degrees of artistic achievement through conversations with both creators and cultural brokers. Panel includes artists Jennifer Chang, Zach Blas (Queer Technologies) and Brett James.  

Discussion: The Beautiful and Damned
August 31, 12 noon
Free, no need to book

'A good face is a letter of recommendation,' novelist Henry Fielding wrote, before going on to curse the false recommendations of Nature. The Beautiful and the Damned will ask to what extent ‘erotic capital’ – beauty, good dress sense, physical fitness and sex appeal – still opens doors to people that are locked to others. Should the beautiful be damned? The panel includes artist, performer, director and writer Scottee (who stars in the Online Project Follow) and Catherine Hakim, academic and author of Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital.

Discussion: Too Big To Fail?
September 1, 12 noon
Free, no need to book

The Olympics brings with it a host of successes and failures for the athletes and countries taking part. But what of the host country? Join us for a post-Olympic debate on the cost of successful Games. Featuring James Kennell – who writes and studies regeneration, tourism and the Olympics – and Jennifer Jones, visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University and coordinator for #media2012, a national-wide citizen media network for London 2012.

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