Friday, 21 September 2012

SPoRT programme announced for this academic year

Dear researchers ,

I am writing to let you know about some of the training opportunities available to postgraduate researchers during 2012-13.

1. The Salford Postgraduate Research Training (SPoRT) programme

SPoRT is open to all PGRs and early career researchers across the university. Aligned with the Researcher Development Framework,  it offers training on the following skills areas:

A. Knowledge and intellectul abilities: including information management, research analysis software such as NVivo and SPSS, and research methods such as interviews and focus groups.

B. Personal effectiveness: including Myers Briggs personality profiling, working in the UK, personal branding, effective job hunting, applications and CVs and other career development.  

C. Research mangement and governance: including research ethics, IPR, progression points, project management and funding

D. Engagement, influence and impact: including conference presenting, getting published, social media for research, and translating research into practice.

The full programme and details of each session are available at:

You can sign up for individual sessions through an online booking system, bookings open a month in advance of the sessions taking place:   

2. Wordscope Workshops 
Postgraduate researchers can also take advantage of the Wordscope writing workshops. Wordscope is designed to help you improve your academic writing skills.
Wordscope is delivered through a series of ten progressive workshops. The first workshop introduces you to two key concepts: the complete sentence and the importance of writing consciously. After that, each workshop builds on previous ones, the level of complexity and sophistication increasing as the programme proceeds. In each workshop, you undertake writing exercises so that you can experience an immediate “hands-on” application of new skills, which at the same time gives you further practice in skills already covered. You are also asked to undertake short homework assignments. These homework assignments are vital for consolidating your understanding of and control over your developing writing skills.
You can find out more about the content of Wordscope on the website:, which also includes testimonials from students who have taken the course:
Wordscope is open to all students, and you can sign up for any of the timetabled workshop groups, which will be made available on the website shortly.
**There is a Wordscope group running spefically for postgraduate researchers on Mondays from 10:30 – 12:00 in Mary Seacole 262. The first session is on Monday 1st October.***
To register, please email indicating that you would like to join the Monday PGR group.
If you can't make this time, or if this group becomes fully booked, you can sign up for any of the timetabled workshop groups that still have spaces - a list of the times of these groups will be available on the Wordscope website shortly.

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