Monday, 11 March 2013

MMU Artaud event

The Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research: Centre of Research in English at Manchester Metropolitan University present a one day symposium on ‘Antonin Artaud: Affects, Effects, Bodies’.
Wednesday 24th April 2013

Artaud’s influence on theory and practice in the arts is substantial. As a playwright, director actor, film scenarist, poet, artist and critic he challenged existing modes of working and thinking in ways that are still generating considerable interest and debate. His iconoclastic work, which brings the affective body and its creative potential to the fore, has shaped artistic experiment and new modes of critical thinking and writing and substantial critical studies of Artaud have been written by Derrida, Deleuze and others. Diagnosed as clinically schizophrenic, Artaud’s writings and drawings are also of considerable interest to psychologists and art therapists. The event should bring together research students, theorists and practitioners from fields both within and outside the academy.

The workshop will take place from 12.45pm-5.30pm in Geoffrey Manton room 332
This is a one day open-to-all workshop and we will seek to engage with an audience that spans academics, research students and the public.

12.45pm Welcome from Anna Powell
1pm Xavier Aldana Reyes (MMU): Artaud’s Theatre of Affect: From Cruelty to Horror
2pm Ros Murray (Manchester): Artaud on Paper
3pm break
3.30pm Anna Powell (MMU): Passional Bodies: Artaud’s graphics as interstitial force
4.30pm Jay Murphy (Aberdeen): The Artaud Effect
5.30pm close

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Places are limited!

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