Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What's To be Done with Slang (talk 11/12)

Date: Wednesday 11th December, 2013
Location: Room 2.20, MediaCityUK
Time: 4.00-5.30pm
What's To be Done with Slang: The Counter-Language in the Age of the Internet

Jonathon Green, christened by the author Martin Amis 'Mr Slang', is the world's leading lexicographer of English-language slang. His most recent work, Green's Dictionary of Slang, appeared in the UK in 2010 and won America's Dartmouth Prize for the best reference work of 2011. The dictionary runs to 6,200 pages, and offers over 110,000 slang words and phrases. Since then he has continued to research and over 20% of the book has been changed, improved, corrected and otherwise brought up to date. The work continues. Other language-related books include the Chambers Slang Dictionary (2008), Slang Down the Ages (1993) and Chasing the Sun, a history of lexicography. Language! The Story of Slang will appear in 2014 as will Odd Job Man: Some Confessions of a Slang Lexicographer.

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