Monday, 12 May 2014

"Performing Citizenship" talk

Thursday 12th June – 5.15pm Martin Harris Centre SL01

Professor Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds): "PERFORMING CITIZENSHIP"

Stephen Coleman is Professor of Political Communication at Leeds University, and one of the UK's leading experts on citizenship (among other claims to fame, he advised on the establishment of the YouGov polling organisation). His recent research has been preoccupied with cultural and performative expressions of political voice.
In this informal presentation, Coleman will discuss how people perform citizenship in their everyday lives; how civic practices are both inherited and institutionalised and improvisational and disruptive. What do we know about these performances of citizenship in various contexts and how can scholars, across disciplines, develop new ways of researching and understanding civic performance?

As with other sessions in the Cultivating Research series, the presentation will be structured to invite active discussion and reflection among all participants present.
Stephen Coleman's latest book is 'How Voters Feel' (CUP; out in paperback in July).

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