Friday, 20 June 2014

Salford Uni talk: "Pseudonym Publics, Sexual Cultures and the Real Name Web" (25 June)

Digital and Social Media

Pseudonym Publics, Sexual Cultures and the Real Name Web

Seminar presenter: Visiting Honorary Professor Ben Light, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Wednesday 25th June, 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Mary Seacole Building, room 1.51

Through an Actor-Network Theory method informed analysis of the hook
up site Squirt, I demonstrate, in a UK context at least, how publicly networked social media and digital devices inform, and allow for, the co-existence of a broad spectrum of sexual politics, sexual preferences and sexual practices. Such an analysis suggests a need for critically reflexive interpretations of the potentials of networked publics and the assumptions of publicness that can be attached to them when they become interwoven with discourses of the real name web. With this analysis, I illustrate the existence of what I term pseudonym publics. Such publics display the characteristics of networked publics, hold the potentials for connection and disconnection with physical worlds but do not demand an engagement with the heteronormative assumptions of the real name web.


To register your interest in attending this free event, please go to this link: Digital and Social Media Seminar in order for us to provide appropriate refreshments.

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