Tuesday, 2 June 2015

GradProg talks Weds 3 June: Manchester & Porto Alegre Music Scenes // Metaphysics of the Drone's Eye in the Sky

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Room 3.17 MCUK. All welcome!
External Speaker: Dr Fabricio Silveira (International Visiting Researcher from Unisinos, Brazil); (3.30-4.30)

Mapping Underground Popular Music Scenes in Manchester and Porto Alegre

Drawing on fieldwork conducted as part of the CAPES/Science without Borders project, “Creative Industries, Cities and Popular Music Scenes,” as well as his own sabbatical project in Manchester, Dr. Silveira will present his research into mapping underground music scenes, primarily in Manchester, and how cartographic and media archaeological methodologies can be used to enhance popular music and creative industries research.

Dr Fabricio Silveira is a Brazilian researcher into popular music and contemporary media based at Unisinos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He has numerous publications on popular music scenes including the recent monograph Instantaneous Ruptures: Entering and Leaving Pop Music. He is one of the leading researchers on the Science without Borders Special Visiting Researcher project in collaboration with Dr. Michael Goddard.

External Speakers: Dr Dean Lockwood and Dr Rob Coley (4.30-5.30)

Dream of the Drone

Our illustrated talk begins by diagramming an oneiric Lincolnshire in which puzzle pieces of the drone enigma are gathered and condensed. In preparation for World War 3, we commence with a flying lesson in Kirton-on-Lindsey before journeying on to RAF Tealby Moor, in the quantum environs of which we will map a confluence of magic, mediation, flight and warfare. We are constructing our own ‘Perturbative Adjacent Field’, but it will not be complete until we conclude the expedition four miles south of Lincoln, at RAF Waddington. Finally, in Waddington’s drone room, we can at last be ‘diverted’ into new realms of desire. The drone is the ‘signature device of the present moment’ (Noys) and a metaphysics of the drone, foregrounding divine powers of search and destroy, has captured the imaginations of many. What is at stake in the dream of the drone? Through what vectors is the drone exerting its transformative impact upon philosophy, media, aesthetics, social and cultural theory and how might these disciplines exploit the fabulatory function of the drone?

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