Saturday, 4 June 2011

Take That conference / Comedy and Conflict conference

Some images (click on each to enlarge) from our conferences over the last couple of days...

Right: remembering bedroom shrines to Duran Duran, and the question of what to do when you eventually meet your teenage heroes. Dr Halligan brought up the question of Amanda De Cadenet and just simply marrying them. Tonya Anderson (University of Sunderland): "Still Kissing Their Posters Goodnight: Life-long Pop Music Fandom"
Only Freud and Klein offer the satisfactory theoretical framework, centred on the notion of melancholia, when it comes to dealing with the reemergence of Take That. Can memories of childhood trauma be "made whole again" via a later encounter with the figures loved, lost and found again (at circa £75/ticket)?

Psychoanalyst Dr Tobias Nolte clarifies his position in respect to the group's oeuvre (right). "A Kleinian Notion of Applied Psychoanalysis: Break-Up and Reunion from a Psychoanalytic Perspective". 

Post-RIP Reformation? What to do when your band leader has made a premature exit. A discussion of the blurring of authentic and inauthentic in the live arena was explored, and Dr Goddard cited the unfortunate case of Earth and Sun O))) --- the former doing a spell as the support act for their own one time tribute band. Georgina Gregory (UCLAN): "You Can Make Me Whole Again": Pop Tributes Embodying the Reunion.

Manchester Metropolitan University's Dr David Huxley takes us back to comedy of (seemingly) One Million Years pre-PC, assisted by Dr David James (not pictured) and a friend he keeps in his bag. "No Other Excuse": Class, Race and Gender in British Music Hall Acts, 1899-1914.

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