Saturday, 13 August 2011


from Vicki Butler:

Call for Actors: Auditions Tuesday 16 August, 12 - 6pm, Central Manchester

I am writing from the Runnymede Trust - a UK race equality think tank - regarding auditions we're holding shortly for a film we're making on race equality and boxing.

The film, which is being filmed at the iconic Salford Lad's Club, will tell the story of a young boxer from an ethnic minority background traveling from Old Trafford to Salford to train with an older coach. The theme of boxing will be used as a tool to explore prejudice, racism and misunderstanding between local neighborhoods.

We're auditioning for a range of roles, for a range of age groups. Given your involvement at the university, I thought some of your students might be interested. The film will provide a good opportunity for young actors and actresses, and will be screened at a variety of locations in Manchester throughout the Autumn.

The auditions are taking place on 16 August, 12-6pm, at the St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6FZ. More information on the film and the roles we're auditioning for is attached (it wasn't -- I'd suggest emailing if interested!)

To take part in the auditions, email

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