Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Salford's Extremity and Excess conference

Extremity and Excess: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference
8th + 9th September 2011
University of Salford

This conference seeks to explore ideas of extremity and excess through
the full range of disciplines in the arts, media and social sciences.

To deem something extreme or excessive is to place oneself in a position
of implied moderation, and suggests an affiliation with other concepts
such as temperance, discipline, familiarity, normality, balance,
proportionality, sufficiency and rectitude. The extreme and the
excessive, on the other hand, can be characterised as what is
disproportionate, intemperate, unbalanced, uncontrolled, abnormal,
undisciplined, radical and Other.

The range of papers to be presented include such topics as: the
aesthetic challenges of representing excess and extremity; aesthetic
experimentalism; excessive and extreme behaviours; such phenomena as
mass hysteria and mass grief; the grotesque and the spectacular;
concepts of centrality and marginality; the so-called 'Death of Affect';
the representation of extreme historical events; equality and justice;
political and social responses to extreme threats; political extremism
and fundamentalism.

Alongside papers from fields such as politics, literature, philosophy,
anthropology, sociology, history, art, film and media studies, criminology and music, the conference will also include film screenings and art displays.

Keynote speakers:
Joanna Hodge, Professor of Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan
Robert Eaglestone, Professor of Contemporary Literature and Thought at Royal Holloway, University of London

And a film screening + Q&A from:
Xavier Mendik, Director of the Cult Film Archive, Brunel University.

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