Monday, 23 July 2012

Full programme: College of Arts and Social Sciences - PGR Summer School 2012

MediaCity Campus, 2nd Floor, Lecture Theatre 236


Tuesday 24th July 2012
10.30-11.00               Welcome by Professor Ben Light,
Associate Dean Research & Innovation

11.00-11.30               Research Workshop: Dr. Pascal Venier, Mind Maping & Concept Mapping for Researchers
11.30-12.00                Research Workshop: Dr. Pascal Venier, Getting things done for Researchers
12.00-12.30               Professor Ben Light, Postgraduate Research Update

12.30-1.30                  Lunch

1.30-2.00                    Research Presentation: Dr. Tina Patel, Researching the Agenda - What To Do With Unwelcome Truths

2.00-2.30                    Research Presentation: Zeeshan Amin, The Trojan Horse(s) of “Hello World” Culture

2.30-3.00                    Break

3.00-4.30                    Research Panel: Joe Darlington, Laura Wilson & Erin Taylor, Literature, Film and Resistance

Wednesday 25th July 2012
10.30-11.00               Prof Jim Yip, Pro-Vice Chancellor: Research & Innovation

11.00-12.00               Research Workshop: Dr. Deborah Woodman, Survival Guide to doing a PhD

12.00-1.00                  Lunch

1.00-2.30                    Information Session: Fiona Christie, Student Life for Postgraduate Researchers

2.30-3.00                    Break

3.00-3.45                    Research Workshop: Victoria Moody, Developing Impact for Your Research

Thursday, 26th July
10.30-11.15               Research Workshop: Victoria Sheppard

11.15-12.00               Research Workshop: Frances Bell, Ethics

12.00-1.00                  Lunch

1.00-2.30                    Research Workshop: Janet Morana, Knowledge Exchange for Research

2.30-3.00                    Break

3.00-3.30                    Research Workshop: Germaine Loader, Obtaining Research Funding

3.30-4.00                    Research Presentation: Dr. Ben Halligan, What is “Immaterial Labour”?

4.00-4.30                    Research Presentation: Daniel Cookney, Dead and Buried: The Worker and Dubstep

4.30-5.00                    Research Presentation: Dr. Phoebe Moore, Is precarity revolutionary?

Friday 27th July 2012
10.00-11.00               Professor Huw Morris
Pro Vice Chancellor: Academic & Executive Dean: College of Arts and Social Sciences

11.00-11.30               Research Workshop: Professor Ben Light, Structuring Thesis’

11.30-12.00               Research Workshop: Dr. Ben Halligan, Viva’s, Internal Evaluations and Interim Assessments

12.00-1.00                  Lunch

1.00-1.30                   Research Presentation: Jonathan Lord, Employment tribunals barrier to justice?

1.30-2.00                   Research Presentation: Professor Ben Light, Vernacular creativity: doing graffiti with YouTube

2.00-2.30                    Information Session: Anne Sherwin, Library Services for Postgraduate Researchers

2.30-3.00                    Evaluation and Close

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