Friday, 6 July 2012

Salford noise academics see "Reverberations" published

"Reverberations: The Philosophy, Aesthetics and Politics of Noise", edited by Salford's Michael Goddard and Benjamin Halligan, and Paul Hegarty, has just been published by Continuum.

The book is cross-disciplinary and assembles a number of approaches to address and define, explore and apply noise across a variety of media. The book includes chapters from scholars of international standing (Brian Massumi, Felicity Colman), the anonymous GegenSichKollectiv, as well as up-and-coming writers. Salford PhD researcher and music journalist Dan Cookney's chapter ("Sshhhh") explores the noises of library spaces, drawing on several experimental excursions into civic arenas of silence, and Halligan's chapter ("'As If From the Sky': Divine and Secular Dramaturgies of Noise) examines and theorises the soundscapes of Hollywood 70s science fictions, of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, and of playwrights Beckett and Chekhov. The book represents a radical intervention in fields across the humanities and social sciences.

Table of contents available here

UK amazon via here; US amazon via here (available as soft cover, hardback, kindle version)

The books is the first of two collections arising from the international conference Goddard and Halligan convened at Salford in Summer 2010, "Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures: Noise, Affect, Politics". "Resonances: Noise and Music" is forthcoming from Continuum, in 2013, edited by Goddard, Halligan and Salford's Nicola Spelman.

[Salford noise conference: Hegarty, noise practitioner Mattin, Halligan, Stephen Lawrie of The Telescopes, Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, Prof Sheila Whiteley. Below: noise conference gig.]

"With a fantastic range of topics, the editors have produced a strong collection that extends well beyond sound studies. The collection includes a wide range of writers, and offers just what we need in order to understand contemporary media and aesthetics: theoretical problematisation. Start from noise, with Reverberations, and find brilliant cartographies of noise in aesthetics, the social, and philosophy." - Dr Jussi Parikka, Reader in Media and Design at Winchester School of Art, author of Digital Contagions and Insect Media

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