Monday, 29 October 2012

Barthes reading group

Message from Dr Sunil Manghani (who spoke on our Grad Prog a couple of years ago):

I am writing to let you know about a project I've just started which I hope might be of interest to you or colleagues and/or postgrads.

Building on the Neutral reading group in 2011, I have now turned attention to Roland Barthes' Mourning Diary. In the last few days I have begun a live(d) reading of the book using a Roland Barthes Facebook alias. In effect I'm inviting you to follow 'RB' on FB for an exploration of the Mourning Diary, which aims to slow the book down to its 'original' temporality and mode of writing (which is oddly akin to the status update of social media, albeit a fiercely private one). For fuller details of the project, see:

To participate or simply to catch things (here and there) send a 'friend request' to 'Roland Barthes':

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