Monday, 7 May 2012

“Multiple Generosities; Examining the Declining Community Thesis: Considerations from Michel Maffesoli’s Neo-Tribalism” (11/May)

Friday 11th May 2012. 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Room 210 (Lecture Room 3 on the second floor of the building.)
Sandra Burslem Building
All Saints Campus
Manchester Metropolitan University

Attendance is FREE. If you need further details contact
Mike Tyldesley; 0161 247 3460.

“For a century we have imagined that participation in community and social relations was in decline” ( Daniel Miler, Tales from Facebook, Polity Press, 2011, p.x.)

Miller’s comment expresses a view (not necessarily shared by him) that ‘community’ is in decline, a view that is widely shared. It often goes with arguments that ‘we’ are becoming more ‘individualised’, and that there is a problem of ‘social atomisation’. The purpose of the Salon is to consider this argument in the light of the work of Professor Michel Maffesoli, with reference (though not exclusively) to his key idea of ‘neo-tribalism’, most famously expressed in the book The Time of the Tribes. The salon will feature two panels, after which the audience and the speakers will be able to discuss the issues raised.

Panel 1 (16.30 – 17.30)
James Horrox (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Hallowed be thy name? Metal Culture and Religion – a study in Dionysian (Anti-) Politics

Beate Peter (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Maffesoli and Techno: What the Criminal Justice and Public order Act did to affectual tribes of Electronic Dance Music in the UK

Sebastien Tutenges (Aarhus University)
Commercialised Communitas


Panel 2 (18.00-18.45)
Rupa Huq (Kingston University)
Filling in the Gaps: the applicability and popularity of Maffesoli in the British context.

Vincenzo Susca (Univ 3 Paul Valery Montpellier/CEAQ Sorbonne Paris)
Transpolitics and Communicracy; the world’s recreations.

Discussion (18.45-19.30)

Curator; Mike Tyldesley (Manchester Metropolitan University).

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