Monday, 14 May 2012

Twitter PGR Q&A 24/7!

Dr Nadine Muller (@Nadine_Muller)
Honorary Research Associate
Department of English

Dear Students,

Are you thinking about doing postgraduate study or are you currently a postgraduate? Are you looking to share your experiences and advice about postgraduate and postdoctoral life or do you have questions about postgraduate study to which you would like honest and supportive answers?

Then login to your Twitter account and get involved with #phdadvice.

Created less than 24hrs ago, this hashtag already hosts a wealth of advice and questions from established academics, current postgraduates and aspiring researchers, from giving conference papers to getting published, starting teaching, interview advice, research issues, and how to maintain one's sanity whilst being a postgraduate student. Follow me at @Nadine_Muller or search for/ direct your questions and advice at #phdadvice. Whatever your field, you are sure to find something useful here!

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