Monday, 23 September 2013

Events at York St John University

Astrid Schmetterling:
Friday 4th October at 3.15pm, Quad South Hall.  
Astrid is a Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London and is offering a Lecture on Uriel Orlow’s unmade film: A Multidirectional Archive for Palestinian and Israeli Traumatic Memory. More information and booking:

Arnold Dreyblatt  
Friday 4th October Quad South Hall. 4.30pm
Arnold Dreyblatt is an American media artist and composer based in Berlin. Arnold will deliver a presentation on the recent residency undertaken at the Norwegian Theatre Academy involving the use of public display spaces in Fredrikstad to function as public interactive platform for meetings, performance and installations. More information and booking:

Sxip Shirey: Friday 4th October at 9.30pm. The Basement Bar at City Screen, Coney Street York. Gene "Sxip" Shirey is an American electric-acoustic composer, performer, and story-teller. He will perform a one man show of sonic stories. Using original sounds, Shirey draws from a range of sonic memories, experiences and janky beats to conjure up this evening of live works. More information and booking

Trevor Wishart: Saturday 5th October Temple Hall 12.00 pm (arrive 15 minutes early).
Trevor Wishart presents: Encounters in the Republic of Heaven. Saturday 5th October at York St John University, space: Temple Hall 12.00 pm (arrive 15 minutes early).
Encounters in the Republic of Heaven is an 8-channel sound-surround piece based on speaking voices recorded in the North East of England. More information and booking:

Professor Petra Maria Meyer  
Saturday 5th October 5.45 pm beginning in Quad south Hall and moving into Temple Hall.
Petra is a professor of cultural and media studies at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel and will present a 30-minute 6 channel sound installation: L'ÉPHÉMÈRE EST ÉTERNEL inspired by the framework of the symposium “Ephemer” which Petra Maria Meyer organised from 5th to 8th of July 2012 in Kiel.  More information and booking:

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