Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lines of Flight: Everyday resistance along England’s backbone

A film by Sal Brown and Martin Wood
Tuesday, October 11 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Manchester Lecture Theatre, All Saints Building, Oxford Rd


Insightful with a little frisson of fear, Lines of Flight invokes the connection between industrial towns and the barren wilderness of the northern English Pennines. Incorporating Deleuzian concepts of smooth and striated space and deterritorialisation, the film counterpoises our world of mass-culture with the captivating experience of free solo rock climbing.
The screening will be preceded by a presentation from one of the directors of the film, Martin Wood, who will be discussing the film with particular reference to its Deleuzian influences.

After the film, Martin will be taking part in a short interview with a fellow climbing enthusiast, and then taking questions from the audience. The aim of the event is to bring together Deleuze, film and outdoor enthusiasts to explore the conjunctions and ideas brought together in the film. The event will also be filmed for future inclusion in the MMU Deleuze Studies journal, Actual/Virtual.

The full programme of activities is as follows:
7.15pm – Presentation by Martin Wood
7.35pm – Film screening
8.00pm – Interview
8.20pm – Questions from the audience
8.40pm – Move to Sandbar for further informal discussion

This event is an exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of free climbing and the intellectual stimulation of philosophy combined. Featuring footage of stunning regional scenery and climbing classics such as The File, Flying Buttress Direct, Demon Rib, Western Front and Wellington Crack, the event is open to all and should appeal to anyone interested in the north of England, the city versus the country and what freedom means in the modern world.

“really beautiful…gets into what climbing is all about” – Graham Hoey
“A film for any thoughtful person, whether you climb or not” – Reel Earth
International Film Festival Award Winner

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