Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recreation, Leisure and Heritage Research Group

The Recreation, Leisure and Heritage Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group, which draws on the many existing research strengths in relevant academic fields at the University of Salford.
Our first meeting will be on Tuesday 20th September @ 12.45 pm; venue tba

Academic staff, support staff and research students all welcome

The research group aims to:

1. Build on our success in winning the 2013 Leisure Studies Association Conference for Salford;

2. Provide a context for discussion of Leisure, Sport, Travel, Tourism, Heritage, Creative Industries , Music, Hospitality and Well-being, across the University of Salford;

3. Promote dialogue about methodological, epistemological and theoretical issues relating to these areas;

4. Raise the profile of these research strands and to support the development of an interdisciplinary research culture

For details, please contact: Dr Carolyn Downs, Salford Business School, University of Salford

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