Saturday, 17 September 2011

Salford's Prof George McKay on Radical Crafts and Gardening (19/Sept)

Crafts and gardening: the new frontiers of radicalism?

Monday 19 September 2011

Kate Day, Professor George McKay, Barbara Hastings-Asatourian and Rob Lyons will discuss the impact crafts and gardening are having in society.

Kate DayThe current wave of interest in craft, and in particular in the process of making things for yourself, surely has its roots in recent social, political, and economic developments. It is often argued that the fashion for creative activity can be regarded as a backlash against an increasingly virtual and corporate world that promotes the passive consumer - albeit a Web 2.0 one. Alongside the grow-your-own allotment movement, the make-your-own approach enables craft participants to experience shaping their material world, creating objects that have an individual stamp and a narrative in their production. Is this just a repeat of the rural craft revival of the 1970s for a new generation, or perhaps a new twist to the fashion for eco doom-mongering?

At the Manchester Salon

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