Monday, 17 October 2011

Manchester Film Co-operative screening (18/October)

Screening of a mini programme of Polish experimental animations at Manchester Film Cooperative, Kings Arms, Tuesday 18/10 at 19.45, details below.
It is only part of the programme which also includes some short films about protest and surveillance, details here:
Replika, 1975 (8.45): A day in the life of a School Courtyard in 8 minutes, a different mode of social surveillance
New Book, 1975 (10.15): The frame is broken into nine screens to tell the everyday tale of a neighbourhood, again a reimagining of the possibilities of surveillance, this time in terms of fiction
Blok, 1982 (8.48): Using a combinaiton of photographic and animation tehcniques, the strange and vibrant life of an apartment block is dissected in a kind of homage to Hitchcock's Rear Window
Beach, 1964 (7.33): Two mischevous miniature drawn sailor figures wreak havoc on a Polish beach before returning to their owners/dreamers
Death x 5, 2002 (3.40): a whimisical parade of creatures set out on a seemingly endless journey.....

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