Thursday, 6 October 2011

Trauma Film Screenings present: Borders

Presented by Ana Katherine Miller

For undocumented immigrants, the border is a difficult line to cross. These films blur the line between documentary and art in their exploration of the precarious position of people who travel to the UK/US in search of a better life that ultimately eludes them. Each explores an aspect in the journeys of those who seek entry into hostile host countries. In This World foregrounds the dangers and ...risks people take in elicit border crossings. Calais: The Last Border documents the experiences of people whose journey and hopes terminate at Calais when they are unable to cross into England. Last Resort depicts a similar state of limbo in Margate’s immigrant holding centre where people are held during the lengthy bureaucratic processing of their asylum claims. Alambrista jumps across the Atlantic and depicts the plight of the illegal workers that underpin the US economy. Alambrista emphasises something that is also implicit in the other films - the border is a line that swells to permeate the nation, creating a class of people without rights, ripe for exclusion and violent exploitation.

First screeing: 17/Oct. Info via Facebook site here


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