Thursday, 13 October 2011

MMU Human Sciences Seminars

All meetings begin at 5 pm

Room 3.03
Sandra Burslem Building
Lower Ormond St.
M15 6HB

20th Oct.                      The Contradiction of Sovereignty
                                    Neal Curtis (University of Nottingham)

10th Nov.                     Bergson and Cinema :the physics of perception
                                    Felicity Colman (Manchester Metropolitan University)
17th Nov.                     Performing Lyotard
                                    Christopher Bamford (Leeds Metropolitan University)

24th Nov.                     Kant, Deleuze, and the difference of being and thought
                                    Beth Lord (University of Dundee)

For further information or the inclusion of your name on the mailing list please contact:
Henry Somers-Hall, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dept. of History, Politics and Philosophy, Geoffrey Manton Building
Manchester, M15 6LL
0161 247 3030 

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