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MMU Media Department Reading Group, 2011-12.

From Dr Felicity Colman:

This group is primarily directed to postgraduate (PhD level and above, although may be of interest for some MA level) researchers.

The focus is on practice as research, and the articulation and theorization of the image (still and moving), modes of perception, experience, history, subjectivity, technologies, etc. This year's reading group really starts with the basics of 20thC theory, as well as incorporating some more recent developments such as the new materialisms movement, and next year will aim to build on these ideas. I've also devised the reading list (will circulate the full list at the group) according to current research interests and requests of media postgrads - who are looking at issues such as aesthetics, subjectivity, phenomenology, history, technology. I aim to ask in some guest leaders of the discussion, depending on the research topic, and provide space at the end of the term next year for participants to present on their own work. List and dates below.

Please email me ( to indicate your attendance/interest, and I will email you back the reading/s in electronic form. I can also make available some printed versions if you advise me in advance. Feel free to drop in on the topic of your interest, although there are some cumulative pathways here, there are no attendance registers required.

Week 1 will set up the group and I will address the reading, so do feel welcome to come along even if you have no time to complete it.
In the coming weeks however, the group will get much further if you complete the reading before coming along for discussion.


Media Department Reading Group 2011-2012

Postgraduate theory focus group for practitioners and theorists.

Postgraduates, supervisors, staff all welcome.

Facilitated by: Felicity Colman
Please contact to indicate your interest in attending / presenting on a topic / suggesting further reading / suggesting a guest speaker.

Schedule 2011-2012
Righton Building - upstairs Room 113d
4-6pm Wednesdays

Please note that the topics and readings for this season have been chosen in response to some of the broader research areas of current postgraduates. In the following year, another set of topics will be broached, in response to requests, such as anthropology, immigration, racism, technology, etc. All suggestions for future topics/readings welcome.

19 Oct 1a: Critical Discourse and Research [Foucault and self-reflexive practices, Bergson and Intuition as Method]

[no group on the 26 Oct]
[not the 2 nov]

9 Nov 2a: Phenomenology AND Perception [Bergson, Deleuze]

[not the 16 Nov]
[not the 23]

30 Nov 2b: Phenomenology[Husserl, Merleau-Ponty]

7 Dec 3a. Subjectivity & Method (Bergson ‘Method in Philosophy’]
14 Dec 3b. Subjectivity & History [Hegel; post-Lacanian Guattari]
21 Dec 3c. Subjectivity & Gender [Bennet, Kristeva, Butler]

11 Jan 3d Gender & New Materialisms [Grosz
18 Jan 4a. Semiology [ de Saussure, Derrida]
25 Jan 4b. trans-semiotics [Frege, Peirce, Deleuze & Guattari]

1 Feb 5a. Aesthetics [Kant; Whitehead]

8 Feb 5b. Aesthetics [Ranciere]

[not 15 Feb]
22 Feb 6a Time [Heidegger, Ricoeur]

29 Feb 6b Duration [Bergson, +]
7 March 7a Technology [Stiegler, Zielinski]
14 March 8a Media Archaeologies [Huhtamo, Parikka]

21 March 1b. Critical Discourse and Research - presentations
28 March 1c. Critical Discourse and Research - presentations

1a: Critical Discourse and Research
Barrett, E. 2007. ‘Foucault’s “What is an Author”: Towards a Critical Discourse of Practice as Research”. In Bolt, B. and Barrett, E., Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry. London & New York: I.B.Tauris: 135-146.

Deleuze, G. ‘Intuition as Method’. In Bergsonism. H. Tomlinson and B. Habberjam (trans.). New York: Zone: 13-35.

2a: Phenomenology AND Perception
Bergson, Henri. [1896] 1994. ‘Chapter 1: Of the Selection of Images for Conscious Presentation. What our body Means and Does’. In Matter and Memory, N.M. Paul & W.S. Palmer (trans.). New York: Zone Books: 17-76; 251.

Lawlor, Leonard. 2003. ‘The Concept of the Image: Phenomenology’. In Lawlor, The Challenge of Bergsonism: Phenomenology, Ontology, Ethics. London & New York: Continuum: 3-26; 129-130.

2b Phenomenology of Perception

Merleau-Ponty, M. 1989. ‘Preface’ and ‘The “Sensation” as a Unit of Experience’. In Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception. C. Smith (trans.). London: Routledge: vii-xxi; 3-12.

Martin Jay secondary reading.

3a. Subjectivity, Materialism & Method

Bennett, J. 2010. ‘A Vitalist Stopover on the Way to a New Materialism’. In D. Coole and S. Frost (eds.) New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency, and Politics. Durham & London: Duke University Press: 47 – 65.

3b. Subjectivity & History
Guattari, F. ([1977 & 1980] 1984. ‘Causality, Subjectivity and History’. In Molecular Revolution: Psychiatry and Politics. R. Sheed (trans.) [a selection of essays from Psychanalyse et tranversalité and the two French versions (each different) of La revolution moleculaire] New York: Penguin: 175-207.

3c. Subjectivity & Gender

Sanford, Stella. 2010. Plato and Sex. Cambridge: Polity.

Kristeva, Julia. 1981. 'Women's Time'. Signs, Vol. 7, No. 1. (Autumn): 13-35.

Grosz, Elizabeth. 2010. 'Feminism, Materialism, and Freedom'. In D. Coole and S. Frost (eds.) New Materialisms: Ontology, Agency, and Politics. Durham & London: Duke University Press: 139-157.

full list to be circulated. Please email me to indicate your interest, thanks.

Dr Felicity J Colman

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