Monday, 2 May 2011

Creation Records // Noise at Salford

Documentary on Creation Records ("Upside Down: The Creation Story") running this week at the Cornerhouse Cinema. Marvel at the degeneration of shoegazer music into Britpop...

The documentary features the fantastic Stephen Lawrie, who performed as The Telescopes (Infinite Suns) at our conference on noise last summer as our "key note gig"!

Here's Stephen at our conference ("Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures: Noise, Affect, Politics"), in the closing roundtable discussion:

LtoR: Dr Paul Hegarty book: Noise/Music
noise artist/theorist Mattin Wikipedia: Mattin     At the No Fun Fest (video)
Dr Ben Halligan book: Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics
Stephen Lawrie Allmusic: The Telescopes     The Telescopes: 7th Sharp Disaster (video)
Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai Allmusic: Mogwai     Mogwai: We're No Here (video)
Prof Sheila Whiteley book: The Space Between the Notes: Rock and the Counterculture

Drs Hegarty and Halligan (on the left), along with Goddard (see above), are currently working on a collection on noise for Continuum: "Reverberations: The Aesthetic, Affect and Politics of Noise". Contributors include notables such as Brian Massumi, Mattin (see above) and Felicity Colman. Others diners include musician, sound engineer and writer Seb Roberts, who came from Japan for the event, and Dr Eric Lyon, less jet-lagged, from Belfast. Paul is ironically hailing Rosa Menkman, who delivered her Glitch Manifesto at the conference, and vision mixed for The Telescopes gig.

Link to conference programme:

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