Monday, 23 May 2011

Talk this Weds (25/May): Technofeminism

This Weds (25th), and for the last session of this academic year, we have:

Dr Yu-Wei Lin on Technofeminism:
In this talk, I will introduce techno-feminism and other related theories around feminist technoscience studies. I will also share my own experience of adopting this analytical approach for the research on women in free/open source software and user participatory cultures.

2pm: 2nd floor lecture theatre, Adelphi House
We're really thrilled to have Yu-Wei talking about this area, and as an introduction / overview I think it will be a very useful foundation for all humanities subjects. We hope to have a more general discussion of feminism now after the talk.

I'm afraid that Sharif Mowlabocus is unable to deliver his talk this Wednesday ("W**ker: The Cruel Optimism of Pornographic Consumption") -- we'll be scheduling it for the coming academic year.

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