Thursday, 5 May 2011

Extremity and Excess: Salford's Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference

The University of Salford will be hosting its annual interdisciplinary postgraduate conference on 8th-9th September 2011. This year's theme is 'Extremity and Excess' and we anticipate a varied, enjoyable and (hopefully) controversial programme!
Please see below and attached for our call for papers. And please disseminate as widely as possible.
We look forward to welcoming you to Salford in September.
Thanks and best wishes,
The conference organising team.
(Joe Darlington/Elinor Taylor/Danny Cookney/Greg Bevan)



Extremity and Excess: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference
8th + 9th September 2011
University of Salford

This conference seeks to explore ideas of extremity and excess through the full range of disciplines in the arts, media and social sciences.
To deem something extreme or excessive is to place oneself in a position of implied moderation, and suggests an affiliation with other concepts such as temperance, discipline, familiarity, normality, balance, proportionality, sufficiency and rectitude. The extreme and the excessive, on the other hand, can be characterised as what is disproportionate, intemperate, unbalanced, uncontrolled, abnormal, undisciplined, radical and Other.
We welcome proposals for papers that engage with any aspect of extremity and/or excess. These could include, but are by no means limited to: the aesthetic challenges of representing excess and extremity; aesthetic experimentalism; excessive and extreme behaviours; such phenomena as mass hysteria and mass grief; the grotesque and the spectacular; concepts of centrality and marginality; the so-called ‘Death of Affect'; the representation of extreme historical events; equality and justice; political and social responses to extreme threats; political extremism and fundamentalism.
Papers are welcome from fields such as politics, literature, philosophy, anthropology, religions and theology, geography, sociology, history, classics, translation studies, linguistics and social linguistics, visual and screen studies, new media and communication studies and the performing arts. Interdisciplinary papers are very welcome.
Keynote speakers
Joanna Hodge, Professor of Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University Other speakers to be confirmed

Abstracts of 250 words are invited for presentations of 20 minutes. Proposals for performances, screenings etc. are also accepted. The conference intends to publish an edited volume of the best papers presented.
Abstracts to be received by 31st May 2011.


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