Monday, 23 May 2011

Eurocultured: 29-30 May

Eurocultured hits the streets of Manchester once again, this Bank Holiday weekend. (They're after volunteers too -- please check the website)

Eurocultured is a series of street festivals and linked projects that celebrate the diversity of European Culture in all its forms. Our street festivals only take place in city centre locations that are to easy to access.
We like the idea of people from different cultures coming together in the streets and getting on with each other as artists paint, sing, dance and perform around them. We want to introduce our audience to new things and to fire their imaginations.
We also deliver projects that lead to the creation of brand new content for our festivals. We invite artists to work with children and young people and with other artists from different countries and different artforms. They work collaboratively and we then showcase the new work they make at our events. This strand is called ‘Eurocollaborations.’

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