Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fibre Culture

Message from Salford's Dr Michael Goddard:
Just after Easter, a special issue of Fibreculture journal went live, edited by me with Dr Jussi Parikka and featuring articles by myself, fellow CCM/Salford academic Phoebe Moore and other leading researchers in the emergent field of media ecologies. Fibreculture is one of the leading international referreed journals in cirtical new media research and so this is a major and significant research outcome:

The Unnatural Ecologies issue is a major contribution to a cutting edge field of contemproary media research namely media ecologies. In the words of the fibreculture managing editor Dr Andrew Murphie: "the leading shcolars writing for the Unnatural Ecologies issue do not perfrom media ecology as we have known it .... they are rewriting media ecology, explorign its limits form inside and outside. in the process the Fibreculture Journal believes this issues makes a crucial contribution to thinking about all media from the perspective of digital and neworked media. In thinking through the unnatural ecologies that contemorary media make increasingly obvious, the issue challenges us to rethink not only what media are, or what they do, but what they might have beenm and what they have done."

Conciding with this issue, Fibreculture has introduced a new interface permitting the one click downlaoding of the issue as an ePub or pdf document.

We hope you will enjoy this special issue and fell free to recirculate

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